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Writing Coach

  • Learn how to say the most with the fewest words
  • Hone your business writing skills
  • Write precisely and powerfully
  • Know your audience before writing to it

24 hours a day
7 days a week


We can craft writing/ editing programs to fit any company's needs.

Skills the Schatz Group can help you master:

  • Crafting messages that specifically respond to your audience's needs
  • Writing proposals that will defeat your competitors'
  • Using document design principles so that readers absorb your information quickly
  • Sharpening your editing skills
  • Distinguishing the active voice from the passive voice
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Working effectively and efficiently with other writers
  • Punctuating precisely
  • Unblocking writer's block
  • Learning the rules of the grammar road
  • Saying the most with the fewest words

The Schatz Group’s clients include businesses, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, law firms, marketing agencies and individuals.