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  • Learn how to say the most with the fewest words
  • Hone your business writing skills
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  • Know your audience before writing to it

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The Schatz Group – Writing and Editing Services

Do you have problems making your words say what you want them to?
Are you frustrated because you don't know whether to use a comma or a semi-colon?
Are spelling errors the bane of your existence?

If so, The Schatz Group is your solution.

“I guarantee that your words will mean what you want them to. I also promise that your message will reach your audience efficiently and effectively. After more than three decades as a writer, an editor, a publisher and 11 years as an instructor in the University of Maryland's Professional Writing Program, I know how to make your words WORK for you.” – Willie Schatz, your writing coach

The Schatz Group offers professional writing and editing services to individuals, businesses, nonprofit associations, law firms, marketing and public relations agencies, and everyone needing top-notch guidance for their written communications.

If you need professional editing services, we are your solution.